Invitation Message

The 18th ANQ Congress 2020

International Joint Conference Chairs

The 18th ANQ Congress 2020
International Joint Conference Chairs

Chairman Elect, ANQ

Prof. Wan-seon Shin

President, KSA

Dr. Sang-jin Lee

Let us express our sincere appreciation to your passion and dedication for enhancing quality skills and knowledge systems through The 18th ANQ Congress 2020 which is going to be held in Seoul, South Korea from Oct 21 to Oct 23, 2020. It is our honor and pleasure to invite you for the memorable event.

The theme of the conference is “New Quality & New Trust: Listed below are a few unique highlights of the 20th ANQ Seoul Conference: Measuring and Sharing of QTI (Quality Trust Index)". Through this opportunity, we hope for quality experts, practitioners, and academicians to share their creative ideas and approaches for preparing the upcoming decade of Industry 4.0.

Listed below are a few unique highlights of the 20th ANQ Seoul Conference:

Location: Downtown Seoul, near the City Hall & Namdaemun

Recognizing IKA Awards & AREQP Excellence practices

Selected papers to be published in IJQSS(International Journal of Quality and Service Sciences),
an international SCOPUS indexed Emerald published journal

Announcing QTI (Quality Trust Index) Survey Results

Recognizing 20 Best Books and Articles authored in Asia since 2000

Recognizing 20 Best Quality Companies (NOW) and 20 Best Quality Companies(FUTURE) in ASIA.

Sharing KS-SQI & KS-QEI as Best Quality Measurements in Korea

Learning Great Quality Korea Practices including Samsung Electronics, Hyundai Motors, LG Electronics, and etc.

Site visit program: Hyundai Motors Factory and Korean Folks Village

To meet rising needs of Industry 4.0, we must pioneer the decade with new methods and approaches.
This is exactly what the Seoul ANQ Conference is aiming offer. By combining quality and trust, by recognizing excellent practices over different cultures, and by integrating professional ideas from many countries, ANQ will provide most up-to-date and effective insights and skills for the industry, academic and social quality associates.

Co-Chairman Dr. Prof. Wan-seon Shin (Chairman-elect, ANQ & Former President of
Korean Society for Quality Management(KSQM), SungKyunKwan Univ.)

Co-Chairman Dr. Sang-jin Lee (President, Korean Association for Standards(KSA))

Chairman, ANQ

Chairman, ANQ

Honorary Chairman, ANQ

Dr. Noriaki Kano

On 17th November 2002 in Tokyo, CAQ-China, CSQ-Chinese Taipei, JSQC and KSQM jointly held the annual meeting of Asian Quality Symposium (AQS) and invited the six Asian quality organizations such as Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Iran, Thailand and Vietnam to discuss the joint proposal from the above four founding organizations such as CAQ, CSQ, JSQC and KSQM to expand AQS into the Asian Network for Quality (ANQ). Then, all the representatives of the above 10 organizations signed “ANQ Statement 2002”, entitled “Quality for Prosperity and Integration.” ANQ was formally established through this agreement.

Among the highlights of this statement we can find the followings:

Asia is called as “Plant of the World”.

The image of Asia is changing from providing “simple and cheap labor” to providing “Knowledge work at a reasonable cost”.

At inception, some thought these expressions were pretty bold. But today 18 years later, the seven organizations from Bangladesh, Dubai, Kazakhstan, Nepal, Pakistan, Russia, and Singapore joined and many people accept the above highlighted statements without any special reservation. We favorably accept that many papers related to the above have been presented and discussed in recent ANQ congresses.

KSQM the organizers of the Congress have defined the following theme:
    "New Quality and New Trust:
     Measuring and Sharing QTI (Quality Trust Index)".
“Trust” is a very important concept in Asia, underlying the “mutual respect and compassion” listed as a key phrase in the ANQ Way. We hope various papers will be presented and lively discussions will take place in many sessions under this theme in ANQ Congress 2020 Seoul.

Due to the worldwide spread of Covid-19, many international conferences on quality planned this year have been cancelled. However, in alignment with one of the core values of ANQ ‘Flexibility and Adaptability’ is being demonstrated in action by holding virtual ONLINE ANQ Congress on October 21 to 23 in Seoul as scheduled.

I compliment KSQM our hosts for making these arrangements and look forward to welcoming you to the ANQ Congress 2020 online.