Notice For Participants

Notice For Participants

To session chairs

2020-10-18 16:22

Dear session chairs:

Thank you very much for accepting our session chair invitations.
Please find the updated program brochure in the attachment.
You will be able to find your names allotted to each session with the zoom link.
The sessions are to be conducted based on session chairs' discretion. However, suggested session schedule is as follows:

1. A staff from KSQM will open the zoom. He or she will stay during the entire session as a technical support.
2. When the session chair and majority of the participants are logged in, the tech support will allow screen share function for everyone.
3. Session chair will announce the beginning of the oral presentation session.
4. The session is allotted 70 mins. Please use chair's discretion to allocate appropriate presentation and QA time for each presentation given there will be 5~6 papers in each session.
5. When presenter need to use the PPT, they can share their own screen of the PPT during their presentation.
6. When all presentations are completed, the chair will announce the closing of the session.
7. Chairs do not have to complete the information sheet as the zoom will take the attendance.

Again we appreciate your contribution for making this congress a successful one.